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CARA Action Teams (CATs)


Join the CARA ACTION TEAM (CAT) in your Area
or Start a New CAT 2018
(revised 10/23/2017)

The CARA CATs are the local action centers for CARA. We share important information on key CARA Issues and plan local strategies on these issues. Most of the CARA Action Teams (CATS) have regular monthly meeting dates and locations. 2018 is going be a critical year for CARA and for seniors – we need your help and your active participationIf there is not a CAT organized in your area, and you would like to get one started, call the CARA office to find out how to schedule a CAT. Northern CA call 415-550-0828 or 877-223-6107 (toll free) and for Southern CA call 714-488-5488. Please call to confirm the schedule below.